More about the Jazz Centre

More about the Jazz Centre




The Centre for Danish Jazz History was established in December 2006 by a group of students and employees at the University of Aalborg. The aim was to emphasise and strengthen the academic focus on Danish jazz, as well as propagating the knowledge of the music and culture, which Danish jazz is a part of. The concept of the centre should be considered an extension of the pioneering work done by performing musician Arnvid Meyer and scholar and critic Erik Wiedemann, respectively, concerning The Danish Jazz Centre in the Danish village of Rønnede and the Archive for Danish Jazz History in Copenhagen.

The Centre for Danish Jazz History holds one of Europe’s largest, greatest, and finest jazz collections containing records, CD’s, movies, audio tapes, literature, periodicals, archives of press cuttings, and memorabilia. Furthermore, the jazz centre conducts research in Danish jazz history and publishes books concerning the field. In continuation hereof, the jazz centre functions and serves as a living and breathing, dynamic, and national jazz archive, which is open to academic scholars and others with an interest in and passion for Danish jazz.

The jazz centre hosts various activities for local audiences: small concerts and live sets, jazz-talks with local and visiting musicians, record nights, lectures, movie screenings, and a radio cinema. The activities are made public on the website of the jazz centre and through Facebook

Since January 2016 the Centre has been constituted as an independent and non-profit foundation with an advisory board. The University of Aalborg contributes to the daily goings of the jazz centre, as well as the small community of sponsors, Friends of the Centre for Danish Jazz History, does.