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"Rites of Passage or Lydia's Naughty Kids"


27.01.2019 kl. 16.00 - 18.00



"And it was written in the hoily book of Franz, the sad mole, in the year 71.805.691 before Lydia time: "The day will come when they find Lyzirien!"
And so they did.
After this long journey around the most peculiar places and his quest to find the fairytale book, the Griffen and his friends finally remembered the land they all came from: Lyzirien.

"Vi er fra byen Lydia
som ligger i Lyzirien
et land hvor alt er svømning
og vokset fra et løg.

Griffen greb pyjamas
han håber på en drøm
ikke på Bahamas
men i en nyttestrøm.

I Lyzirien er alt omvendt
og ingen er regent
og spørger du mig "hvorfor"
så råber jeg "DERFOR"
(Frida, Oana & Ditlev)

All of a sudden theu could distinguish the veils between the different layers of the worlds, and after all the years the times for the Rites og Passage came near. What would happen and which tools, wisdom or craziness will they come up with? The signs, games and messages will be revealed to us common mortals on Sunday the 27th of January at 16.00 at the Jazzcenter

You don't want to miss the revelation and the new adventures! Ditlev, Frida and Oana will share their journey with you and "Franz, the sad mole", will do his appearance in the depth of the dark earth.
Welcome! Willkommen" Bienvenue!

Marius Ungureanu - viola and voice
Edgars Cirulis -piano
Jakob Mygind - sax
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass




Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie


Kjellerups Torv 2, 9000 Aalborg

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