Arrangementer afholdt af Jazzcentret Venneforening

Kenny's Corner #44


26.11.2020 kl. 19.30 - 22.00



CDJ and Kenneth Dahl Knudsen are joining forces, presenting a new concert club, adding even more to the live-jazz scene in Aalborg. 
Twice a month, bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, will present new constellations, interesting musicians, and new music. All in the spirit of CDJ…. a room filled with jazz spanning over a century!
In a time where iPods, spotify and youtube are taking over the music industry…. People tend to forget the realness of live music. The authentic sound of a dusty saxophone, the ambient noise of strings tuning, the joy of a grin musician to musician. Even the unpredictable aspect of live music seems to vanish, bands do playback and autotune on tv, and musicians strive for perfection, instead of the real raw joy of interaction, communication and the power of now. 
Kenny’s corner is the opposite of that. Its a place where musicians come to have fun, to play real music, to interact with eachother, to meet the audience, to drink beers, to look at all the records….. its another addition to the buzzling cultural boom happening in Aalborg these years. 
".... I have always played other peoples music at this concert series. That's a beautiful thing to get to do, and I learn so much from it. HOWEVER, I'm very excited to invite you to this evening. 
I´ve asked my trio with Casper and Matias to come play my songs and favourite music.... " 
We have been playing together for a long time, and its always a journey into the unknown when we set sail..... come join us!


kr. 50,- (Gratis for medlemmer)


Center for Dansk Jazzhistories Venner


Kjellerups Torv 2, 9000 Aalborg