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Sing-songwriter aften med Mads Jo - Markus Bak - Elin

Møde med 3 nye sangere


09.12.2019 kl. 19.30 - 22.30



Markus Bak is a songwriter from the Island Mors. With inspiration from both the old school folk tradition and the more modern indie genre, he tries to draw you into his introvert univers. The driving force in his music is his deep voice and and the stories it conveys, and with those he creates an melancolic univers that hopefully is able to leave somekind of mark on the listeners.
The music of ELIN brings you back to different times and stirs a long forgotten memory of longing for a place not quite of this world. Her sound is inspired by the windswept seashores and shadowy forest of the North. The cadence in her songs in combination with warm guitar play reminds of the musical universe of early Ben Howard, Joni Mitchel and The Staves.
Mads Joo is all about compelling beautiful melodies and catchy lyrics. There isn’t really any specific genre to describe the music of Mads Joo, since it’s more of a combination of different inspirations. Still he’s heavily inspired by a wide range of indie and folk singer-songwriters, such as Bon Iver, Leonard Cohen, The National, Lou Reed, etc. His music revolves around a melancholic, beautiful, happy/sad atmosphere, that hopefully will leave the listener satiated and satisfied.


kr. 75.-, medlemmer kr. 50.-


Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie


Kjellerups Torv 2 - 9000 Aalborg