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Singer/songwriter-Scenen med Niels Bourdon, Markus Philipsen Bak & Asbjørn Glad Andersen

Mød 3 nye singer/songwriters


07.05.2019 kl. 19.30 - 22.00



Nils Bourdon from France performs his own songs inspired by Jeff Buckley, Andy Shauf in a colorful folk-rock genre. In an intimate atmosphere Niels will bring some stories about love and dreams in French and English. For this occasion he will be joined by Markus Philipsen Bak on bass and Asbjørn Glad Andersen on guitar.

Markus Philipsen Bak, rooted in the folk tradition Markus is creating his own niche. With widespread inspirations from various artists, bittersweet melancholic lyrics and a deep upclose voice Markus invites you intro his own universe and his position on the modern folk genre.

Asbjørn Glad Andersen will be playing his own songs which are positioned in a folk and dinger/songwriter universe, where the words are in focus and the accompaniment is there to fill the gaps.

For this songwriter's night Asbjørn, Markus and Nils will join and present their latest work in songwriting. They will perform their songs alone and together, adding their own personali-ties to the folk/rock genre. 

Come and enjoy a cosy evening with us!

Nils Bourdon - vocal
Markus Philipsen Bak - vocal, bass
Asbjørn Glad Andersen - vocal, guitar


Kr. 50,- (Gratis for medlemmer)


Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie


Kjellrups Torv 2, 9000 Aalborg

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