Detailed listing of issues



Detailed listing of issues

Selective discography

Edited by Erik Raben 

The discographies covers Danish jazz music recorded 1900-2000.
The Detailed Discography lists all known information on the recordings, i.e. personnel, recording date, titles recorded and the issues.
The Detailed Listing of Issues has information on the issues (LP/CD names etc.) – followed by the year of recording.
An overview of some of the most relevant issues is found in the Selective Listing of Issues.
The above mentioned listings are separate .pdf documents and the Adobe search functions can therefore be used to locate specific musicians,
issues etc.
The discography was edited by Erik Raben (erik.raben@mail.dk).

General information
A jazz discography has to be based on a broad view of what can be considered as jazz. This means that some of the recordings included
will not be considered as jazz by all readers. On the other hand there may be recordings some readers think should be included – but
which are not. Gospel and distinct blues recordings are not included.
The discography includes recordings by Danish musicians, groups and bands and recordings by a foreign musician who is co-leader or
soloist with a Danish musician, group or band (in this case the recording is listed in the section related to that musician, group or band).
Foreign musicians accompanied by a ”permanent” Danish group or band are listed under that group or band. A consequence of this is that
a recording by a foreign soloist can appear several times in the Detailed Listing of Issues.
However a few foreign musicians – who have been an important part of the Danish jazz scene during a longer span of time – are included;
only their recordings relating to Danish jazz are listed i.e. not solo recordings or recordings entirely with foreign musicians.
LP/CD titles as well as the titles played are generally written with initial capital letters – except for titles in Scandinavian languages.
It has to be remembered that this discography – like most other discographies – is not faultless!

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